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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Graph of a Football Spinning

Oblong sports balls exhibit more types of movement than round balls. What are some of the typical motions of each type of ball?

Consider the following graph, excerpted and edited from Volume 7 of Bounce, Roll, & Fly: The Science of Balls from Schottenbauer Publishing

Discussion Questions
  1. How many times does the football spin?
  2. What two points are traced in the graph?
  3. What are the maximum and minimum values of each point as they rotate?
  4. Which mathematical function describes the motion: (a) Straight Line, (b) Parabola, (c) Hyperbola, (d) Sine Wave, (d) Tangent?
  5. Which physics concept(s) are demonstrated in the graph: (a) Force, (b) Strong Force, (c) Gravity, (d) Spin, (e) Rotational Motion?
  6. Would a rugby ball rotate in a similar manner? Why or why not?
  7. If a football wobbled from side to side, would the graph appear similar to the graph above? Why or why not?

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